Wednesday, 29 April 2015

New Bell & Ross BR 03-94 Rafale Watch Review

Bell & Ross BR 03-94 Rafale watch with ceramic case.This material has not shake the position in the airline industry, uses include the manufacture of high temperature, acid, corrosion and erosion resistance of components. Tech ceramic heat shield and is also used to design the rocket head. Ceramic is an ultra-strong material, hardness close to diamond, and in general will not change color after dyeing. Ceramic is lighter than steel, less likely to cause allergies and has a temperature resistance, so that the wearer feel more comfortable .
To create the BR 03-94 ceramic watch,Bell & Ross designers have to rethink this case has been very complicated structure. Therefore, BR 03-94 is the core of the movement and its stainless steel case, all the parts are in a ceramic cover, the front cover and bottom protection. Exposed on the outer ceramic case of eight screws are a practical function, as is generally the whole watch clips together to ensure that the integrity of the case rugged and water resistance. Bell & Ross designers also on the shape and proportion of the entire watch has been transformed.

BR 03-94 Rafale inside of the case is equipped with sophisticated automatic winding mechanical chronograph movement, its reliability after repeated tests. Basic tools as aircraft navigation systems measure short time, stopwatch is one of the main device on the aircraft. BR 03-94 Rafale features a unique design feature of this classic fighter, with a glance distinct character. Hidden dark black ceramic case with reference to the anti-reflective color cockpit instrument panel. Dial with the Rafale unique color: gray camouflage. Digital font subtly echoes the body of the registration number. Timing function pointer used with a distinctive orange tip (in the airline industry, this color is used for basic functions and test) to ensure excellent legibility. Flange with speedometer scale, "tachymeter" also uses the term sharp orange. The final details of the modification is 6 o'clock small second auxiliary drive time, modeled on the unique contour fighter. BR 03-94 watch with a black rubber strap.

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